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FLFS4106N Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer is mainly used for optical fiber cable maintenance and relative operations. It is a device that uses high precision propulsion structure to push two fibers to get closer to each other and uses an electric arc to melt two optical fibers together at their end faces, to form a single long fiber.

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Fiber Optic Fusion Splicers are mainly applied by: Telecom carriers, ISP, network project contractors, laboratories. And they're applied in: Fiber cable network maintenance, telecom projects, emergent repairing, optical experiments, manufacture and testing of optical devices, academic researchers in colleges.


General Specification

Applicable Optical Fibers

● SM (G.652), MM(G.651), NZ(G.655), DS(G.653), COS(G.654), BUI(G.657), EDF

● Applicable Core Type Single Core

● Applicable Fiber Diameter: Cladding diameter 80-150μm, Coating diameter 100~ 1000μm

Splicing Mode

● Pre-store: 8 groups Customize: 792 groups

● Splicing Results Recording: 10000-group splicing records & splicing images recording

● Splicing Speed: 9sec (Standard Mode) 7S (Fast Mode)

● Alignment: Core to core alignment Coat alignment

Splicing Loss

Average Splicing Loss: 0.02 dB(SM), 0.01dB(MM), 0.04dB(DS), 0.04dB(NZ)

Return Loss: ≧60dB

Splicing Loss Estimation: Exist

Power Supply

● Power Supply: Input 220V±10%, 1.4A, 50/60Hz output 13.5V/5A

● Battery: 11.1V Lithium battery, typically splicing/heating 260 times, charging time 3 h, 500 times rechargeable, 5200mAh

Heating Shrinkable Tube

● Applicable Diameter: 2mm,3mm,4mm,6mm

● Applicable Length: 60mm, 50mm, 45mm, 40mm, 25mm, 20mm

● Heating Time: 2mm tube (10-15S adjustable),  4mm tube (14-19S adjustable),  6mm tube (17-23S adjustable)

● Heating Temperature: 10-260℃ (Customizable)

● Automatic Heating: Auto fiber recognition and heating after covered

Environmental Specification

Operating Environment

Altitudes 0~5000m, relative humidity 0~95%(No condensation), temperature -20℃~55℃,maximum wind speed15m/s

Storage Conditions

Relative humidity 0~95% (No condensation), temperature -40℃~80℃

Corrosiveness Resistance

The main device, components and their materials meet the requirements of GB/T 2423.54-2005 and are not vulnerable to the corrosiveness of fluid pollution.

Weight and Dimension

Weight 1.19kg(Without battery) ,1.53kg (With battery)
Dimension 146D×131W×152H(mm)

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